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Healing with Affirmation & Imagery

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Do you have something in your mind or body that needs to be healed? It could be as simple as a cut or bruise that isn't healing. It could be much more complicated like a surgical site that isn't healing properly. Did you ever wonder how you can use your mind to help you heal? Your mind is in control of the body and by using affirmations and imagery, you can help yourself heal. This is not hocus pocus, numerous research studies have shown how the mind assists in healing
How Can This E-book Help You Use Your Brain to Heal?

This helpful E-book provides specific diirections for using affirmations and imagery (two mind/body proven techniques) to heal and soothe.

What Questions Does This E-Book Answer?

Some of the questions answered in this e-book are...

*What are Affiramtions and why do you need to use them?
*How do affirmations work and how can they be
  developed to help you heal?
*What are some affirmations to use in healing?
*How does imagery help heal and soothe?
*What's the best way to use imagery to help heal?
*How can you use imagery to soothe?
*How can you use imagery to change bad habits?
*What are some healing imagery exercises to use?
*How can you combine imagery and affirmation to
  further enhance healing?
     and more...

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