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Depression Relief ebook - wellness approaches

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Are you or somebody you love suffering from depression? Answer the questions that follow to see if you might be depressed...

*Are you sad?
*Do you cry often?
*Would you rather remain in bed than get up?

*Do you usually expect the worst?
*Have you lost your appetite?

*Do you trouble sleeping?

The Depression Relief E-Book provides everything you need to know to reduce (and maybe even prevent) depression.

I've used all of these procedures with clients during my 40 years as a nurse psychotherapist and wellness educator. They work!

Here are some of the questions this book answers...

What will the nurse or doctor tell me about various kinds of depression?

What are my risks for being depressed?

What drugs will the doctor order and what are their side effects?

How can I use specific foods, vitamins & supplements, exercise, self-massage, affirmations, an activity diary and more to reduce
the effects of depression?

What do the adrenal glands have to do with depression and what can I do to strengthen them?

What is postpartum depression and what can I do to avoid it or reduce its effects?

What mental health organization are there that could help me?

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Think positive and you'll be positive!

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