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Couple communication isn't always easy.

Couple communication requires learning specific skills, especially negotiation.

I wrote this couple communication e-book to provide the information you need to make your communication with your partner the best it can be.

Here are some ways to evaluate couple communication and find out if you need to work on a better relationship:

Is your relationship with your partner a good one? Are you happy to be with that person or do you argue, bicker, give each other the silent treatment, try to correct whatever the other person does or says?

Because I've been a couple therapist for 40 years, I know all the issues couples must face and how to help them. That's why I developed this Couple Communication e-book. Communicating in the right way can bring you a long way toward a positive and happy relationship.

This e-book provides information for adult couples who are in a committed relationship. It provides information about social, economic, cultural, psychological and interpersonal factors affecting couples and helps you determine your unique needs. This e-book also provides couple communication tests and quizzes to help you collect important information so you can better communicate with your partner. What you find out will help you develop your own two-person unique COUPLE COMMUNICATION PROGRAM.

Here are some questions I've answered in this Couple Communication ebook:

*What 1 element is critical to effective communication?
*What factors always affect couple communication?
*What can you do to enhance communication with your
*Which questions are sure to hamper clear communication?
*What can you say and do to enhance closeness and intimacy?
     and much, much more.............

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