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For the first time ever, Dr. Carolyn Chambers Clark unveils her groundbreaking but simple plan for living well with menopause. Never before has all the information she's accumulated personally and professionally about menopause been integrated into a single plan.
Based on cutting-edge research and interviews with thousands of women, Living Well with Menopause promises to support you through the process of menopause and help you grow and be comfortable in the process!
Inside Living Well with Menopause, you'll discover...
* Menopause myths and the real truth about menopause, page 18
* How you can know if you're going through menopause or not, page 21
* The major changes you'll most likely go through during menopause, page 28
* What happens if you enter premature menopause through hysterectomy, page 22
* The medical treatments for menopause and what you need to ask your doctor about, page 45
* What foods to eat to reduce menopause changes, page 73
* Which herbs might reduce menopause changes, page 120
* What chemicals in your environment may bring on menopause changes you don't like and what to do instead, page 137
* What kinds of exercise can actually reduce menopause changes, page 155
* What safe and effective self-care measures can you use to reduce or eliminate hot flashes, the urge to urinate, panic or anxiety, muscle pain, insomnia, and more? page 177
* How your relationships may make for a less pleasant menopause experience and what to do about it, page 196
* How changes in your life, demands and personal support can be the difference between a positive menopause experience and one fraught with discomfort, page 213
* How to find and work with a health care practitioner who listens to you and works with you during menopause, page 217
* How to develop your own personal and unique Menopause Success Plan, page 238
"Loaded with practical, well-researched information to help women negotiate menopause in good spirits and good health."
--- Christiane Northrup, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of The Wisdom of Menopause
"A guide to and through menopause, this solid, sensible book is a banquet of choices for women who want to become vitally, vigorously, and vivaciously older. You'll find information, inspiration, and instructions on moving through menopause with grace and glory. This book may become one of your best friends, so go ahead and give it a try."
--Susun S. Weed, author of New Menopausal Years, the Wise Woman Way: Alternative Approaches for Women 30-90
"Bridges conventional and holistic approaches to menopause...Living Well with Menopause serves as a valuable resource for women, their partners, friends, and families."
--Bonnie Mackey, Phd, RN, Director of the Mackey Health Institute
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