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Have you tried every diet on the face of the earth and you're still not the weight you want to be? The Weight Loss - Make It Permanent! ebook provides you with information like...

Did you know that after you diet and lose weight, 90% of the time you gain that weight back...eventually...which makes it even harder to lose weight the next time?

This is useful information because now you know you don't have to submit to depriving, uncomfortable diets that make you feel irritable and longing for good-tasting food!

What else will you learn in this e-book?

* Secrets of why you may gain weight and have trouble losing it

* What foods to eat to lose weight

* How to eat to lose weight

* How prescription and over-the counter drugs affect weight loss

* Natural diuretics and cleansers that can help you lose weight

* The link between hormones and inability to lose weight

* Quick and easy protein breakfast to stoke your metabolism and burn

*Why you must avoid dieting

* What to do if you feel hungry so you won't overeat or eat foods that
  add weight

* Healthy, tasty, filling snacks

* When you crave something sweet...

* Why you mustn't starve yourself (skip meals) or binge (especially at

* More tips for weight loss

* What else to do to hurry weight loss along...

WEIGHT LOSS - MAKE IT PERMANENT! ebook also reminds you that if you're not in that 10% that can diet and keep it off, and if you want to learn a natural, safe, and guaranteed effective way to lose weight and keep it off, you can.

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Think positive and you'll be positive!

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