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Menopause can be a trying time...It can also be a period of great growth and healing.


This site offers ways to make your menopause a positive experience, including...


* information about hot flashes


* how to join an online menopause support group


* using black cohosh for menopause complaints


* how to get a free autographed copy of Living Well 
   with Menopause


* a link to menopause and blood pressure


* a link to receiving a free sample chapter from 
   Living Well with Menopause.





                What triggers hot flashes?


Many women find that specific situations seem to set off their hot flashes. What are these situations. They, too, can be individualized, but stress, sugar and meat are common triggers. Other triggers are alcohol (wine, beer, hard liquor), caffeine (including chocolate and colas!), hot foods or beverages, spicy foods, and very salty foods. Some women have a hot flash about 15-45 minutes after eating something sweet, including bananas or grapes. Try it out and see your response.


How to find your hot flash triggers


The best way to find out what sets off your hot flashes is to keep a Hot Flash Diary. Keep it with you and write down your emotional state when a hot flash starts. Also, keep track of what you're eating and how many hot flashes you have on that day. Going to bed after a heavy meat meal may bring on night sweats and night hot flashes. Keep track and see.


For more specific information, check out Menopause: Living Well with Menopause excerpts available in the links listed above this section.



Black cohosh for menopause challenges.

Menopause support group

Free autographed copy of Living Well with Menopause

Menopause and blood pressure

Free sample chapter of Living Well with Menopause

Think positive and you'll be positive!

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