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A Survey for Managers & Group Leaders

Are you in the dark about...

why groups are important and
how to make yours effective?

how to work with group processes
for the most productive effect?

how to team build and
enhance cohesiveness?

how to help the group achieve its goals?

how to handle special group problems
like monopolizing, scapegoating,
introducing new members,
physical aggression, silences and
silent group members, absences,

how to begin, guide and
end a group or meeting?

how to work with a coleader or
supervise staff who lead groups?

how to use behavioral approaches
in groups, including work groups?

how to record and analyze what
went on in a meeting or group
session so you can have better
meetings in the future?

use focus groups to find out what
will enhance practice or productivity?

how to encourage creativity,
diagnose organizational systems,
provide organizational interventions,
conduct interactions and "doings",
delegate to strengthen leadership
use parliamentary procedures,
lead from within, deal with power
and politics, and heal a betrayal of trust?

Find at Amazon.com or Click on Group Leadership Skills cover
for a book to use if you
answered "yes" to any of the above.

Want to create a climate for
power learning to

* Tap creativity
* Build cooperation
* Promote problem-solving
* Create a climate for change
* Work as a team...

Click on the book cover below

Community workers...
Need help?...

*assessing a community?
*planning an effective community program?
*engaging community members?
* marketing community health programs?
* evaluating programs?
* using effective wellness strategies?
* honing your interaction skills?

Click on the cover of
Health Promotion in Communities!

Nurse leaders...

Need help to....
* Empower yourself and others
* Turn anger or apathy into
constructive action
* Lead from within to be
more effective

Click on the cover of...

Holistic Assertiveness Skills for Nurses:
Empower Yourself (and others!)

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