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Bladder Spasms/Bladder Control ebook - wellness approaches

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Do you suffer from painful bladder spasms?

Are you embarrassed and worried because you are leaking urine?

Bladder spasms can be very painful and embarrassing. Lack of bladder control can also be embarrassing.

Do you want to know how to conquer both by using safe and effective wellness approaches?

I wrote the Bladder Spasm and Bladder Control e-book to help you get rid of the pain and embarrassment.

Here are some of the topics covered in the Bladder Spasms/Bladder Control E-book... 

What are bladder spasms?

What causes them?


What foods, drinks, and environmental factors may be adding to your bladder spasm and lack of bladder control problem?


Why are citrus foods suspect?


What self-care and wellness measures can you take to reduce bladder spasms and increase bladder control?


What minerals are important for bladder spasms and bladder control?


What role do food allergies play in bladder spasms and bladder control?


What are 2 easy ways to self-test for food allergies that may be adding to your bladder spasms and lack of bladder control?


What symbolic or underlying message do bladder spasms and lack of bladder control give?


Why would you want to avoid iron pots for cooking if you have bladder spasms or lack of bladder control?


What’s a sitz bath and how can it help you if you have bladder spasms?


Are douches good or bad for bladder spasms and bladder control?


What two times are crucial to protecting you from bladder spasms?


What herbal tea is the most helpful in healing bladder tissue and calming bladder spasms, and can soothe your digestive tract as well? (Find the answer below this article!)

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Answer: The herbal tea that is helpful to some people is spearmint tea. But don't just count on tea. Find out all the other things you can do to end your discomfort.

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