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Acne ebook - Wellness Approaches

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Acne ebook - Wellness Approaches

Do you suffer from acne and nothing you've tried works?

Do you want to enhance your wellness, and thereby your quality of life?

What Can the Acne E-Book Do For You?

Here's what A. Dickerson, a reader who bought an Acne ebook said...

I've had acne for 20 years. I've tried every medicine, creme, and whatever and nothing has helped. I followed your program, and I've been acne-free ever since! Thank you for giving me back my life."

Enough people have written to say that they found relief and wellness (enhanced quality of life) after trying the acne program, that it's clear this simple, safe, inexpensive steps will work for you, too!

What's Else is Inside the Acne E-Book?

This Acne ebook will also tell you...

*what is acne?

*how many people have acne?

*what are your sebaceous glands?

*why is the skin called "the third kidney?"

*what never to do if you want better skin?

*foods to eat (and not eat) to improve your skin

*what makeup and other chemicals to steer clear of

*why stress is important to acne and what to do about

*why sleep is important to acne

*how to use toothpaste, herbs and natural 
  substances to get rid of acne and pimples.

How to Obtain a Copy of Your Acne E-book

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For more information on acne, click on http://www.acne.org/

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