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Pregnancy and Wellness: from toxic load to antibiotics and more

Wellness for you and your baby...

Whether you want this pregnancy ebook or not, do read this article on how to reduce your toxic load; it's one of the best things you can do for your unborn baby.

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*Pregnancy ebook

Are you pregnant and suffering from back pain, bleeding gums, constipation, dizziness, swelling hands and feet, gas, heartburn, hemorrhoids, insomnia, leg cramps, mood changes, morning sickness and/or stretch marks?


Do you want help dealing with these issues? The Pregnancy ebook can help enhance your wellness and well-being. Here is some of the information you'll find...


*The best kind of shoes to wear to reduce back pain.


*Whether you should move around or stay still to reduce back pain.


*What kind of stretches are best for back pain.

 *What causes bleeding gums associated with pregnancy. 


*What foods to eat to reduce back pain.

*Should you massage your gums or leave them alone? 

*How many dental x-rays it's okay to have while pregnant.  

*The best foods to eat to reduce constipation. 


*What one substance you need to take everyday.


*What probiotics are and whether you need them.


*How much water you need to drink every day.


*The best kind of exercise for you.


*How to train your digestive system.


*Should you use laxatives?


*What to dump in your bath to help with constipation 

*Why dizziness is associated with pregnancy. 


*What's the best way to sit to reduce swelling? 

*How to find which foods or food combinations are best for you.


*How often you should eat and how you should eat.


*What foods to avoid to reduce heartburn. 

*What to eat to reduce hemorrhoids. 


*The best thing to drink to reduce insomnia.


*What safe things can you do to keep a positive mood?


*When's the best time to drink liquids?


*What's the best exercise to do to stimulate circulation in your legs?


*What vitamins and teas may be helpful?


*The best things to do to reduce morning sickness.


*What to do about stretch marks and more...


For only $1.99 you'll receive information to answer all your questions about these issues. Click on the BUY NOW button and you'll be taken to PayPal to purchase your e-book. You'll receive your ebook in your e-mail inbox within 48-72 hours. Don't wait a minute later to feel better

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