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Suffer from migraines? This article will provide you with some self-care answers to quell your migraines, especially the use of probiotics.


What causes migraines?


A migraine is a vascular headache due to excessive constriction or dilation of the brain's blood vessels. Some migraines are diet-related and although physicians can't explain why migraines occur, a disturbance in the gastrointestinal tract is one of the tell-tale symptoms. 


Tyramine has been identified as a causative factor in migraines. The bacteria S. faecalis converts the amino acid tyrosine into tyramine, which is present in chocolate, some wines and some cheeses. When the friendly population of probiotics falls in the gut S. faecalis burgeons and tyramine conversion is stepped up. The migraines of those individuals sensitive to tyramine are the ones that respond favorably to the ingestion of probiotics, either in yogurt with active cultures, or in capsule form.


What can you do to prevent migraines?


Suggested preventive actions are to encourage friendly bacteria in the digestive tract by eating a diet high in complex carbohydrates of vegetables, fruits and grains, and to ingest probiotics daily. Find them at your local health food store in the refrigeration unit.




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