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Menstrual Cramps - PMS ebook - wellness approaches

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*Menstrual Cramping PMS


Do you suffer from menstrual cramping or know someone who does?


Nobody wants to suffer and that's why I wrote this ebook...to share what I've learned about feeling better and feeling well.


Here are some of the questions this ebook answers:


What causes menstrual cramping?


*Lack of what mineral causes that nauseated, fatiguing painful experience known as menstrual cramps?


*What foods should you avoid to reduce cramps?


 *Should you eat more or fewer or no dairy products to reduce PMS and menstrual cramps?


*Are all vegetables good to eat or should you avoid some of them that make you cramp even more?


*What foods are best to eat to reduce cramps?


* What 2 minerals work together to keep you cramp free?


*What are the best foods to eat to get enough of those minerals?


*What building block for protein is needed to help reduce cramping and PMS?


*Where's the best place to find this building block?


*What 1 rule should you follow to make sure you ingest what's right for you and your unique body?


* Are there any supplements to help with discomfort?


*Why would I need supplements? Can't I get what I need in my food?


*What are the special rules for eating and taking supplements?


*Does exercise help and if it does, what kind is best?


*What's another great way to relieve cramping?


*Should I sit, lie down, or move around to relieve cramps?


 *What acupressure points have been shown to relieve cramping and PMS and how do I do them?


*What massage points have been shown to relieve cramping and PMS and how do I use them?


*Are there any cautions I need to be aware of?


*What common cooking spice can reduce cramps and bring soothing calm?


* Should I drink more or less water?


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