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Fibrocystic Breasts and Wellness Approaches

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Self-care to reduce or eliminate fibrocystic breasts


*eat a low-fat, high fiber diet including more raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, and whole grains and dried beans and peas


*avoid alcohol, animal products (meat, butter, dairy products except low-fat yogurt), oil (except olive oil), fried foods, salt, sugars, tobacco and all white flour products (breads, muffins, cakes, pies, etc.)


*take 1,500 mg of primrose oil daily to reduce size of cysts


*eliminate all caffeine from your diet including any of the following that list caffeine as an ingredient: coffee, tea, drugs, chocolate, and other substances


*include garlic, shiitake mushrooms, and onions in your daily diet; they contain germanium which help improve oxygenation of tissues


*use poke root or sage herbal poultices to relieve breast tenderness and soreness


*avoid wearing push-up or tight bras; if you must wear a bra, wear sports bras and never more than 8 hours a day; this will allow the natural cleansing process of your lymphatic system to operate the rest of the day


*massage your breasts once or twice daily upon rising and retiring to enhance lymphatic circulation: the right hand circles in a counterclockwise fashion and the left hand in a clockwise motion up and out around the breast; avoid touching the nipples


This article is for information purposes only. For treatment, consult your health care practitioner.



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