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Cancer is a frightening word to many people. There's no reason it need be. There are plenty of things---simple and easy things---you can do to prevent cancer or help reduce its effects should you or a family member or friend already been diagnosed with cancer.  Over the years, I've worked with many people on this issue. That's why I've gathered together everything I've learned and put it in an easy-to-follow ebook.


Here is a summary of what's in the Cancer ebook:


*What is the best protection against cancer? How can  you make sure to get this protection?


* What  does the American Cancer Society (ACS) Advisory Committee on Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer Prevention recommend you should eat to lower your risk of cancer and what's the best way to do that?


*What one fruit is the best protector against cancer and how much should you eat?


*What vegetable can protect you against cancer or help once you have it?


 *What grain must you eat to lower your risk of cancer and help you once you have it?


* Why your bowel is key to helping you recover from cancer and not get it in the first place---and what you can do to strengthen it.


* What herb has been in use for at least 14,000 years and was found in King Tutankhamen's tomb? What is it and how can it help you?



*What can you take to decrease absorption of carcinogens and unconjugated estrogens, correlated with cancer? How do you find it? How do you use it? What will it do for you? 


*What berry contains antioxidants that has anticancer activity? How often should you eat it and how? 


* What vegetable do you need to eat every day, but you need to chew it well so its anticancer constituents can be released? 


* Why you need choline to help prevent and heal from cancer, and where you find it?


*There's another kind of berry you need, but you have to be careful not to ingest too much. How can this berry reduce tumor development and metastases to other body organs?


 * What vitamin do you need to take more of and how do you do it? Can you find it in foods or do you need a supplement?


*What well-known cooking substance can protect you against many kinds of cancer? What's the best way to use it safely?


 *What daily drink should you be imbibing in to reduce the risk of cancer, prevent blood vessel growth in tumors, and reduce DNA damage?  

*What is Indole-3-carbinol, why is it associated with a reduction in cancer risk, and where can you find it?


*What pleasant-tasting tea has anticancer activity and how many cups a day should you drink?


 *What element found in many vegetables and fruits decreases the risk of cancer? How many fruits and vegetables should you have and which ones are best?


*Which color of fruits and vegetables can also protect you against cancer and why? 


*Should you stay away from vegetables oils or use more when you have cancer or are trying to protect yourself from it? 


*That handful of peanuts won't hurt you, or will they?


*What barely known supplement may protect against various kinds of cancers, including breast, leukemia, colon, ovary, oral squamous cell, endometrial, gastric, and non-small cell lung? What's the best source of this substance and how do you take it?


*What's the best way to ward off bowel cancer and just how does it work?


*What's the scoop on soy? Is soy good or bad for you when you have cancer? What about eating soy products when you're trying to prevent cancer?


*What green leafy vegetable can protect you from cancer or help you heal once diagnosed?


 *What spice do you need to use daily and how does it protect against cancer and help you heal once you have it?


*Do you need to take vitamins? If so, which ones and how much so they work, but you're safe? What if you don't want to take any more pills? What can you do then?


*Why you need to eat this food substance to reduce your risk of cancer, how it works, and where you find it.


Other things you must do to avoid cancer and fight off any cancer that is already growing...

What to do to reduce the effects of chemotherapy and/or radiation if you're already receiving treatment?

Don't put this off. Buy the Cancer ebook now to protect yourself and your loved ones. Click on the BUY NOW button below. For only $3.99 you will receive all the information you need to protect yourself against cancer in your e-mail inbox.

For more information on healing with vegetables, click on Healing Vegetables For more information on cancer, click on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cancer

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