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Foot massage

Want to learn more about massage?

Live in NY state: Here's a link to an excellent massage therapist:


Homemade Pottery by Noelle

Fresh Herbs

 Susun Weed is one of the most colorful and accomplished woman herbalists in North America. She fully lives up to the title of her "Wise Woman" ethos, empowering women - and men - with the depth of her knowledge and understanding about health, healing and life in general. Check out her books and classes by clicking on http://www.susunweed.com

Wholistic Healing Research Link

For the latest on wholistic healing research click on Wholistic Healing Research


This site is designed to provide a great source of info and resources to educate you and
help treat and cure acne.

PINTEREST Eat Beans to Live Longer


Healthy Holistic Aging

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Farmer's Market or not?

Why you need to drink 8-10 glasses of distilled or reverse osmosed water every day

Why you need to drink distilled water or reverse osmoed water, not tap or other kinds of bottled water

Why meat and dairy products may not be good for you

EMotional Freedom Technique

Why organic food and grow your own is the healthiest

Why you shouldn't sit in one position too long.

Elevate your mood, help with sadness and depression.

Think positive and you'll be positive!

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