Dr. Carolyn Chambers Clark, Award-Winning Author and Wellness Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Carolyn Chambers Clark, Internationally-Known Wellness Expert

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*B.S., Nursing, University of Wisconsin

*M.S., Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, Rutgers University

*Ed.D., Nursing Education, Columbia University, Teachers College

(An Ed.D. is similar to a PhD., except it focuses on education (Ed.D.), not philosophy (Ph.D.)

An EdD degree focuses on teaching people in the most effective ways, which is mandatory for wellness and self-care.


* Media Recognition Award from the American
   Heart Association for The Wellness Newsletter's
   contribution to heart health

* 3 Book of the Year Awards from The American 
   Journal of Nursing

* Distinguished Writer status granted by Sigma
   Theta Tau International honor society

* Media and Communication Award from the
   Florida Nurses' Association.

Editorial/Web Experience:

*Founding editor and editor of the journal, 
  Alternative Health Practitioner

* Founding Editor/Publisher of The Wellness
   Newsletter (15 years)

* Editor of the Wellness Newsletter ezine (10 years)

* Health and Relationship columnist for Beacon   
   Publications for two years

* Online columnist 2001-2004 for the Menopause,
   Holistic Health, and Gifted Education web
   sites for Bellaonline.com

* Relationship blogger for the Seattle Post-
   Intelligencer, Seattle, Washington, 2008-2009

*Developed and maintain this web site

As an internationally-known wellness consultant

...provided workshops for thousands of community and corporate members

...designed the blueprint for a Wellness Institute to partner with community corporations and offer wellness education for all students, faculty and employees on and off campus...

...provided wellness programs and consultation for the YMCA and two Women's Resource Centers...

...provided holistic/wellness input for government grants...

...helped other health care professionals develop more effective and caring practices...

...developed a wellness certificate program at another university...

As an educator

...In addition to consulting with and providing workshops for over 100 for-profit and nonprofit agencies,

health promotion and wellness...
community health...
group dynamics...
program evaluation, and...
research methods at various universities, medical centers and colleges.

As a nationally-known community health consultant...

...provided expert consultation on health, mental health and leadership issues for two large community health agencies...conducted continuing education workshops and seminars for staff...

...and developed and provided several management programs.


Provided expert commentary on fast-breaking issues including ...

*anxiety: the number 1 mental health problem for women and the number 2 mental health problem for men!
*nutrition: detox diets, healthy eating, food as medicine, losing weight and keeping it off
*holiday stress---what to do
*heal your chronic condition: from allergies to sleep disorders
*menopause: best self-care practices
*relationships: how to communicate so others will listen
*leading so others will follow
*raising self-sufficient children
*bringing out the best in your child
*creating a climate for power learning
*assertiveness skills
*healthy communities

Been interviewed by WBAI, Student Lawyer, WMNF, WENG,St. Petersburg Times, Canadian Public Radio and TV, Natural Health magazine, More magazine, Her Healthy Choices, Sun Herald, Venice Herald Tribune, Pinellas County Government Department of Public Affairs, WOCA-AM (Ocala), WBBM-FM (Chicago), WLW-AM (Cincinnati), WJJG-AM (Chicago), KUCR-FM (Riverside, CA), WTBQ-AM (NY/NJ Regional), WEAA-FM (Baltimore), WAMV-AM (Baltimore), WSAMV-AM (Roanoke, VA), CRN (nationally syndicated out of LA, KTOE-AM (Mankato, MN), KCMN-AM (Colorado Springs), WICO-AM (Salisburgy/Ocan City, MD), KUTR-AM Salt Lake City UT), WKRC (Cincinnati), WACK-RM (Rochester, NY), WNTN-AM (Boston), WXCE-AM (Minneapolis), KWIX-AM (Columbia, MO), KNND-AM (Eugene, OR), KPQ-AM (Seattle,WA), WJCC-AM (Duluth, MN).


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