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Click on photo below to receive Dr. Clark's Wellness e-Newsletter

Children don't come with a parenting manual.
Do you ever wonder if you're doing the kind of parenting job that will help your children grow?
Because none or us is really taught how to be a parent---we only have experience of being our parents' child---I wrote this Parenting e-book to provide you with helpful information about how to raise your children to be responsible and smart.
This Parenting e-book gives you information that includes:
* What Behavior Contracts are and how to use them to help your child be responsible?
* How to teach creativity to your child?
* What the pros and cons are of home schooling, public, or private school?
* What is the latest research on how what your child eats affects thinking ability and school work and what to do about it?
* How to help your kids get organized without shouting or doing it yourself?
* How to teach your kids to mediate their own conflicts?
* What your kids aren't telling you about sex, drugs and depression and what to do about it?
If this sounds like information you need,  click on BUY NOW and you'll be taken to Paypal to purchase this Parenting e-book. For only $9.99, you'll receive helpful parenting information in your e-mail inbox within 48 hours. Not only that, if you act now, you'll also receive free, as a thank you for your purchase, another e-book of your choice---a $9.99 value!

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