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Have you been on the pill for years and can't conceive? Click on the link in the next paragraph.

Taking the pill at such a young age could compromise your ability to conceive. If you haven't been on the pill since you were a teenager, but have young daughters, you may want to click on this link also: http://www.bustle.com/articles/58288-why-its-time-for-women-to-question-the-pill

The investigative journalist who wrote the piece on the pill points out that if you haven't had an established regular period before you start on the pill, when you get off it to become pregnant, your body has to go through all the steps of getting a regular period established. The pill does not correct your body's steps, it merely masks them,

Because many young teen girls are now being prescribed the pill for many other reasons than
to prevent pregnancy (acne, PMS, etc.), it's time women start to question having their bodies being controlled by a pill which could compromise their ability to become pregnant in the future.

She also shares how all the physicians she talked to, both male and female, underplayed the bad effects of the pill, including infertility, and that women need to educate themselves about the pills they take and make their own choices.

For more information on infertility, click on this link:



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