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Osteoporosis and joint health

Osteoporosis/Bone Health/Joint Pain

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Are you losing bone mass? (This can happen even to young people, especially if they drink a lot of sodas.)


That's why I wrote this article to help you prevent osteoporosis...


Why Vitamin D?


Vitamin D is necessary for strong bones and to ward off osteoporosis.

This article provides information about vitamin D and good sources of this vitamin.

Bone loss can occur in men or women. Menopause can be a time of bone loss and increased risk for osteoporosis. (But so can young adulthood if you're drinking sodas.)


Either way, Vitamin D is essential for you to absorb and use calcium, so you can see what importance it has to healthy bones and teeth, ward off osteoporosis and bone loss.

What is vitamin D?

As you age or enter or leave menopause, be aware that your need for vitamin D has increased. Vitamin D is called the "sunshine vitamin" because you can manufacture it yourself with the aid of sunlight upon your skin.

How to obtain protection from osteoporosis from the sun - THE BEST SOURCE

Getting adequate daily sunshine is important to obtaining vitamin D to ward off osteoporosis. Remember to only stay in the sunlight prior to l0 a.m. and after 2 p.m. Try 15 minutes if you're fair-skinned and up to 40 minutes if you're dark-skinned. Sunshine can also enhance your mood, so if you're down or depressed, a little sunshine can help, just protect your skin! Wear a wide brimmed hat so you get the sunlight on her arms or hands if skin cancer is a worry. Also, late afternoon sun is good, too and so is very early morning sunlight when the rays are not so strong.

How to obtain vitamin D from food to protect you against osteoporosis

Sunshine aside, there are many food sources of valuable vitamin D if sunshine is not available or you don't feel comfortable spending time in it. Egg yolks, liver and fish (especially ocean-grown salmon, chunk white tuna, sardines) are great sources of vitamin D and can protect you from osteoporosis.

Cod liver oil is another wonderful source of vitamin D. You can buy it in a bottle and take 1-3 teaspoons a day. It also has some vitamin A in it, so that's a bonus. Vitamin A helps fight infection, maintains cell wall strength prevents viruses from penetrating and reproducing, and blocks production of cancerous tumors.


You can also buy fish oil capsules online or in a health food store.

Don't forget to get your daily quotient of vitamin D and you'll be healthier and happier!


And don't forget to stop drinking sodas. The phosophorous in them takes away important minerals needed for bone growth.


Vitamin C is also important for men. A recent study showed vitamin C may discourage bone loss. If you're not eating grapefruit or oranges, or using fresh lemon juice on your salads and vegetables, be sure to take 500 mg vitamin C.

UPDATE August, 2015: More Foods to build bone health

egg shells: that's right save your eggs shells, grind them in your coffee bean grinder and springer on your salads

chick peas, spinach and collards will also help you build stronger bones.

For more on this and why you don't want to take medicines to build bones: http://products.mercola.com/calcium-supplement/?e_cid=20150820Z1_DNL_art_1&utm_source=dnl&utm_medium=email&utm_content=art1&utm_campaign=20150820Z1&et_cid=DM82987&et_rid=1083531040

Joint Pain

Some ways to reduce joint pain include herbs, amino acids, vitamins, some oils, and some foods. Investigate using silymarin, L-cysteine + vitamin C, B-complex, primrose oil, grape seeds/grape seed oil, garlic, onions, rice, and oats. Also make sure you are getting enough minerals. You may want to investigate taking a daily multi-mineral with sufficient calcium (1200 mg until menopause and then 1500 mg a day + magnesium + boron. Vitamin pills just don't have sufficient minerals in them, but multi-mineral pills do.

For more on Silymarin, click on this link

2016 update. Many popular prescribed medications can lead to loss of bone. open in another window to learn how they may decrease your bone. To find out which ones you may be taking Click on this link.

Anti-Acid Meds May Be Linked To Increased Risk of Hip Fracture
According to a new study, published in the December 27th issue of JAMA, the use of Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs or anti-acids) are associated with a greater risk of hip fracture. PPIs are used in the treatment of such digestive diseases as GERD, also known as heartburn.
How can this be? The researchers think it's because your body uses the hydrochloric acid in your stomach to break down calcium so it can be used to build bones. When you take away this acid, by taking anti-acids, your body can't get the calcium it needs and bones break.

For the details of this study, you can read a summary at

Think about it...we are whole beings with each part interacting with every other part. The body has built-in processes to keep us healthy. When we try to stop these processes, something else has to be affected. How often do we ask ourselves, if I take that or do that, how might my body be affected?

To reduce the potential for these negative effects, try using safe self-care procedures first.

Herbs/herb teas you can try to strengthen bones include oatstraw, nettle, and red clover. To enhance their effects, pour one quart/liter boiling water over one ounce/30 grams of dried herb in a canning jar, cover it tightly, and let it brew overnight. Strain the next day (or two) and drink cold or heated with a little stevia.

Source: www.susunweed.com



To find supplements, go to your local health food store or go online to www.iherb.com


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