Dr. Carolyn Chambers Clark, Award-Winning Author and Wellness Nurse Practitioner

Why your weight needs to be within the guidelines for your height

Every extra pound you weigh above the weight that keeps you strong, puts added pressure on your body organs and joints. For example, your heart needs to work harder and so do your lungs when you're carrying around extra weight. Even your ankles and feet and knees and hips can suffer under the extra weight.

The whole thing starts with eating too many sugry foods and drinks (sodas especially and candy and cookies and cakes and pies) and fats, especially fried foods, which leads to abnormalities in blood vessel flow. Over time, this can lead to a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Because it took time to gain weight, it will take time to lose it and see changes in your blood vessels, but it will happen. Start today to cut back (better yet, cut out) sugary and fried foods. 

Avoid using sugary foods as a prize; sugar is an addiction. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine! You can get pff sugar by switching to Sweet Leaf, Sweetdrops plain stevia; a drop is 300 times sweeter than an equivalent amount of sugar, but has no calories and even has healing properties. It is also not addictive. Sugar, is something cancer cells love. So, if you don't eat sugar, you can reduce your chance of cancer or at least the chance of tumors growing, as well as your blood vessel condition.

Think about it...weigh the potential for a longer, healthier, happier life vs. eating sugar (that includes chocolate). Once you get off it, you won't crave it any more. Think how proud you'll be of yourself for beating your addiction.

You can do it, I know you can!
Once your weight is down, your blood vessels and metabolism will return to normal and you won't need to take pills for cholesterol, high blood pressure, clots, etc. because your body will be functioning in a much healthier way.

Start today and throw out all the candyand desserts (except fresh fruit). Ask your spouse or partner not to cook or bring sugary things into the house. Go to IHerb.com and order Sweetleaf stevia today. You'll see how easy it is to transition into using 4 drops in your herbal tea, or in your plain yogurt and berries, or in water with lemon juice (instead of sodas). If you cook, use stevia instead of the suggested amount of sugar in your recipes. Go online and search how much stevia replaces a cup of sugar or whateve the recipe calls for. (See last reference below)

Also, see the article on Stevia to your left. It goes into more depth about the benefits of stevia and how it can even lower blood pressure and help your blood vessels!

Don't wait. Start today to lose weight and get healthier!







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Think positive and you'll be positive!

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