Dr. Carolyn Chambers Clark, Award-Winning Author and Wellness Nurse Practitioner

Coffee and alcoholic beverages: why you should avoid them

Caffeine and alcohol both force out liquids, minerals, and vitamins from your body that you need to stay well.They dehyrate you and then your blood thickens, your bones and other tissues don't have sufficient moisture to feel good, which can result in pain, you can get a headache from dehydation, too. In fact, dehydration is a major cause of pain, so when you feel pain, instead of reaching for that pain med, drink 1-2 glasses of water.

Notice you pee more when your drinking coffee or tea or wine, beer, hard liquor? That's the diuretic effect of coffee and alcohol on your body. So, consider slowly switching to non-caffeinated tea, or better yet, drink peppermint, lemon, or dandelion tea, or even better--plain old water.

Whatever you decide, make sure your water is either distilled (available in gallons at your grocery store) or you have an under the sink reverse osmosis filtration system. Studies have shown that bottled water is usually tap water, which contains many harmful things you don't want in your body, including, in many cases, drugs that other people have peed out. Be safe, be healthy and drink distilled or reverse osmosed water (you can find these units online or in home appliance store.

Caffeine can also make your heart beat too fast or irregularly. Cutting out caffeine can make your heart beat more regularly without having to resort to pills or pacemakers. It can also reduce your risk for two life-threatening conditions: strokes and heart failure. 

Focus your meals around fruits and vegetables (in big salads and steamed or sauteed in coconut oil) and add a palmful of fish (at least twice a week) or plain yogurt for protein. Use herbs and lemon juice, not extra salt.


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