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Dieting/Lose Weight

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I never recommend dieting, which is usually a severe restriction of foods. It's better to add a few healthier foods and cut back on sugar and sugary foods and drinks (including artificial sweeteners), both of which add on unneeded weight and interfere with healthy body processes and can create many unhealthy conditions.

If you need to sweeten something, try stevia. It's an herb with healing qualities that's many times sweeter than sugar, yet it's good for you. Try SweetLeaf Sweet drops, stevia clear, a 4 ounce bottle of drops you can use in drinks, plain yogurt, and cooking.**

Here are some other LOSE WEIGHT TIPS:

  • Before reaching for another helping, look at yourself in the mirror. Better yet, put a mirror in your dining room or wherever you're eating.If you buy groceries or eat out, pay in cash; research shows you'll eat less and choose more healthy foods.
  • Put fattening foods (sodas, desserts, candy bars, etc. in the crisper drawers of your refrigerator or better yet, don't buy them) and put healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and low fat or nonfat plain yogurt on the top and middle shelves to remind you to eat more of them.

  • Take a before and after picture of yourself and look at it as you lose weight, then take another photo when you've lost some weight and another when you're at your desired weight.

  • Aim for small and reachable goals. e.g., lose 5 pounds this month; then don't beat yourself up if you don't meet your goal. Try again and drink more glasses of water when you get hungry instead of reaching for a snack or second helping.

  • Eat your big meal at noon if you can; if not, eat an early supper and never snack at night. Have a glass of water or two or a small apple or carrot.

  • Go for a walk with a friend or partner after you eat.

  • Eating late and eating a lot of meat and potatoes kinds of meals and going to bed puts weight on and can derail sleep and other healthy processes.

  • It's easiest to lose weight if you do it with a supportive partner, so find someone who will encourage you and be enthused when you start your weight loss program and start to lose weight. You can even work with someone online or over the phone if there's no one around you to partner with.

  • Don't forget to build in exercise, e.g., the walk after you eat in the evening or take a dance class or tennis lessons or go for a swim. Your body will thank you! Good luck and keep picturing how gorgeous you're going to look and how much more healthy you'll be!!

  • Now, start that lose weight program: I'm proud of you!

  • **Go to iherb.com and put in the code BNN851 and you'll get up to a #10 discount on your first order of stevia and other healthy products.






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