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Herbal teas and essential oils

Here are some ideas for you. Make sure you check with your health care practitioner and never take herbal teas and medications at the same time. Start with a small cup of tea and see how your body reacts. If you notice negative changes, which are rare, stop taking the tea. Chart your body's reaction over time to show your doctor.

Eat fresh papaya or fresh pineapple for digestion, heartburn, bowel disorders. You can also sip chamomile (if you're not allergic to flowers) or peppermint tea.

Red raspberries are good for healthy bones and intestinal spasms; if berries are too much, try a cup of raspberry tea

Use tumeric in anything you cook: lowers cholesterol, is anti-cancer and protects your liver from all those medications you're taking

Fatigued? Shake some ginger powder (health food store) or shave some fresh ginger into your tea or food. Also good for osteoporosis and pelvic pain.

Get some patchouli essential oil and put 5-6 drops in a small bottle of carrier oil johoba or light olive oil and rub it up your feet, legs, buttocks, back and into your abdomen: good for muscle spasms, leg cramps and mood swings. Sniff the oil out of the bottle as appetite suppressant, weight loss. Put a drop or two behind ears to keep you happy all day.

Get some lavender essential oil and sniff before sleep, to lower blood pressure, and strengthen heart. Add 5-6 drops to unscented oil or cream for leg cramps, lower back pain.

Get some fennel essential oil and use in a diffuser for hormonal imbalance; can also eat fennel; find in produce section, especially around the holidays, but you can ask your produce manager to stock it

Use non-irradiated cardamom and use in cooking and baking for indigestion, concentration, heartburn and irritability

Use garlic powder (organic) every day in cooking and salads: good for immune system, thyroid and just about everything else.

Drink a cup of dandelion tea, after you take medicines; the tea will clear your body of toxic medication waste products and dangerous food additives, thereby protecting your liver and kidneys

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