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Your digestive system of intestines are just a tube. To make things move through this tube, you need
1.  sufficient fiber (fresh or frozen fruits, especially berries, plums, apricots, and pears) every day
2. sufficient water to push the fiber through the tube (8-10 glasses a day) 
Additional ways to get your bowels moving
3. exercise more; movement can reset your bowels and get them moving.
4. take an ounce of aloe vera gel (get it at the health food store in a glass bottle because who wants plastic in their gut?) after each meal to coat your intestines and help things slide through
5. put a brick in front of your toilet and put your feet on the brick to help your bowels move more easily.
6. at the same time you have your feet on the brick, rub the left side of your buttocks with your left hand and the right side with your right hand vigorously at least ten times each side
7. then rub on the inside of your left knee with the three middle fingers of your right hand  and at the same time, the back of your left knee with three middle fingers of your left hand; repeat with your right knee vigorously
8. you can also rock back and forth gently
9. do not push; gravity should do the job. if not, drink another glass or two of warm water and contract the muscle you use to stop your urine flow at least ten times.
10. to add good bacteria to digest your food and push through waste; eat at least a cup of plain organic yogurt (maybe with fruit and stevia) and try sauerkraut every day on your salad.  

Here's a refreshing drink to have first thing every morning before eating:

1. 1 tablespoon molasses

2. 2 tablespoons aloe vera juice OR 1/4 cup of the whey you get from straining organic plain yogurt + 1 teaspoon sea salt and no molasses

3. 2 thin sliced beets ground up; can use canned beets, but fresh is better

4. Follow with a shot glass of apple cider vinegar (most critters and cysts and other non-wanteds don't like an acidic environment.)

You can also try:

1-2 cups of honeydew melon; if you can't chew well, put into blender and drink the results.

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