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About Me and Wellness


Who am I and What is My Background?

I'm Dr. Carolyn Chambers Clark,
wellness, selfcare, and relationship expert. I'm a nurse with a masters degree in individual, couple, group and family relationships, and a doctoral degree from Columbia University focused on wellness and how to best help people learn new behaviors.  My purpose is to help you achieve a high state of wellness, no matter your age or medical condition, so keep reading...

What is Wellness?

Let's start by defining What is wellness?

Wellness is
achieving a personal balance in your life. It includes eating well, sleeping well, moving, well, breathing well, setting personal health and wellness goals, keeping your stress at a level that works for you, having positive relationships, and doing all this in a purposeful way. For example,
humor and positive thinking are two ways to up your wellness quotient. (See "Humorous Books to up Your Wellness Quotient" below for some ideas!)

What do I mean by purposeful? Wellness
doesn't just happen. You have to decide to be well and then pursue it. On this web site, I'm your guide for finding personal wellness.

How Does Wellness Differ from Health?

What is the difference between wellness and health? Health is a medical term based on your temperature, blood pressure, how often you breathe, and laboratory tests. There are no laboratory tests for wellness. You know when you're well. You feel good, you're at peace. You can be well even when you're dying or ill if you have a purpose that brings you peace.

In wellness, you are the expert in you. Only you know how well you feel at any given moment and what works best for you. Here's an example...A physician can take your blood pressure and it can zoom way up because you're anxious, so the blood pressure taken at that moment may not be an accurate reading of how well you are or even what your health is. This is called "White coat hypertension." Having a blood pressure apparatus at home and taking your blood pressure when you feel relaxed will usually give you a much lower reading. Learning relaxation procedures is even better because then you can stay relaxed in the physician's office and in other stressful situations.

Although I use research results in my articles on this web site, bear in mind that research findings only tell you "the average response to a particular treatment." That means half of the people above and below that average response have another reaction.

Why is Wellness So Important?

This is why personal care wellness is so important. You are a unique human being with unique human responses to foods, exercise, stress reduction methods, and so on. That's why my books and articles give you many kinds of self-care approaches you can take for a particular condition.
 You become your own research project, trying different safe and reliable self-care methods


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What is self-care? Self-care actions are things you can do for yourself to up your health and be well.

Click on this line and scroll down past the fiction books to the form where you can obtain free copies of my monthly wellness e-reports in your email in-box each month.These ezines will guide you in your quest for wellness. You can also leave me a comment or question or suggestion for an article on a condition you are struggling with. Stay Well!

Think positive and you'll be positive!

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