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Fertility can have many causes including psychological, environmental, nutritional, and physiological.
Here are some questions to ask yourself.  If you answer yes to any of them, it could be holding you back from becoming pregnant.
1.  Are you so busy building your career that you don't have the time to relax and enjoy having intercourse?
2.  Are you excessively focused on having a child rather than on the relationship with your partner?
3.  Are you having regular orgasms? (failure to achieve orgasm may leave your pelvic area lacking in sufficient blood flow to assist with fertility.)
4.  Do you have mixed feelings about having a baby?
5.  Do you have an aversion to intercourse?
6.  Are you unhappy with your current partner but afraid to say so  or do you feel you must stay in a loveless relationship?
7.  Are you the daughter of a woman who said that having a baby would ruin your life?
8.  Do you live your life in artificial light without exposing your face and arms to the sun for at least 15 minutes several times a week (45 minutes if dark-skinned)?
9.  Do you feel too young or immature to have a baby?
10-.Do you avoid eating 10 vegetables or fruits a day,
eat meat and animal products, and avoid taking a multivitamin and extra B-vitamins every day? 
11. Do you drink alcohol?
12. Do you eat foods containing saturated fats? (fried foods, meat products, baked goods)?
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