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The pituitary gland is a master gland in the body. It works in concert with the hypothalamus and adrenal glands to strengthen the immune system.

Often called the master gland. Posterior portion of the pituitary - and produces oxytocin hormone which stimulates contractions of the uterus. The front portion of the pituitary produces many hormones that influence other glands of the body and that control growth.

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Sources (see list below) suggest the follow ing actions to strengthen the pituitary. 

1. Work the center of the pad on both big toes with thumb.

2. Cancel negative thoughts and keep 3x5 cards with positive thoughts all around you.

3. Magnesium and selenium are especially important, but to be safe, take a good multimineral that contains these and other minerals. Find one at www.iherb.com. For a discount on minerals, vitamins and herbs mentioned here, add HOL667 at check out.

4. Vitamins to take include  vitamin B-complex (b-50 complex is recommended) and vitamin E (start at 400 IU a day)

  5. Alfalfa may also be helpful, especially if your skin is developing white spots.You can buy alfalfa seeds in a health food or herb store. Ask for information on how to sprout them.

6. Wheat sprouts may help. You can find wheat-sprouted bread in a health food store or buy some wheat to sprout, put in a jar with a little water, rinse daily until ready to eat.  Sprouts are bursting with good nutrients. Better to make your own sprouts than to buy them.

7. Amino acids (precursors to protein) may also help. You can find liquid aminos at www.iherb.com.

8. Chinese herbs may help: epimedium herb (EH, a Chinese herb for replenishing Shen) and milkvetch root (MR, a Chinese herb for strengthening qi)  may strenghthen the pituitary-hypothalamus-adrenal axis in the body.Consult with a Chinese Medicine practitioner and make sure you buy standardized herbs.

9.Tonifying Kidney herbs (TKH) can strengthen the pituitary, ovary, and adrenal glands, too. Other herbs for energy and immunity and to tonify the kidney include Schisandra Chiensis and Jade Screen.

10. Goji berries, Hai Zao and Kun Bu seaweed, and the medicinal mushrooms Dong Chong Xia Cao, and Maitake are recommended by Bridget Beasley Danner.

11. Add the spice, cinnamon (1/2 teaspoon per day) to your daily regime. Get the non-irradiated form from a health food store or iherb. This spice is a kidney warmer and helps regulate blood sugar, cholesterol, arthritic pain and more. Sprinkle on yogurt, fruit, soups, oatmeal and other cereals and add it to tea.

Talk to your health care practitioner prior to changing your vitamins, minerals, or foods. This article is for information only, not treatment.


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Pituitary Cysta

A cyst is your body's way of encapsulating material it doesn't want or
need but has no way of getting rid of. If your body is already
overloaded with poor food, too many drugs or alcohol, sugary foods,
meats, fried foods, the body systems, such as the liver and kidneys,
which usually excrete wastes, may be overloaded. So, cleansing your
body is a very important part of ridding your body of the cyst.

If you drink coffee, tea, eat chocolate or take any drug that includes
caffeine, now's the time to stop all of this. Caffeine overstimulates
your pituitary, adrenals, hearts, and more. But don't go cold turkey
because you'll probably experience withdrawal symptoms: headache,
fatigue, irritability, etc.

First day 1/2 cup coffee with 1/2 cup decaffeinated coffee. Every day
decrease the caffeinated coffee until you're on decaf. Then switch to
a herbal tea. Dandelion is good because it has a coffee-like flavor
but is very cleansing. Even better, get dandelion greens at your local
produce stand and eat as a salad.

Get off meat. It clogs your digestive system and is linked with
cancer, heart conditions, you name it. Ditto cheese and milk.

Consider getting off wheat and breads, too. Grains were the last foods added to our diet and many experts believe the body does not process grains sufficiently in many people. Seeds and nuts are better for many

For protein and omega oils, eat fish, especially mackerel,
sardines, chunk white tuna, and ocean grown salmon. Eggs are good. Put them hard-boiled into a salad (instead of sardines or tuna) along with a handful of sunflower seeds. Eggs contain lecithin, which helps with cholesterol.

Add a handful of chickpeas, black beans, or other kinds of beans to your salad for variety and fiber. A handful of walnuts
(unsalted, non-oiled) is good, too, either in a salad or as an
afternoon snack.

Use arugala, kale, chickory, and other dark greens for most of your salad. Add a handful of broccoli flowerettes, carrot swirls, chopped celery, chopped onion and other vegetables.

Also snack on apples or berries or a handful of sunflower seeds (if not in salad that day)

Take lecithin (made from soybeans) gel caps (1200 mg each) a day; they may help the body breakdown and absorb cysts.

Focus on a diet based on fresh fruits and vegetables with enough
protein (4 ounces at least twice a day=about a handful). Eat at least
2 big salads a day topped with olive oil and cider vinegar, garlic
powder (not salt), rosemary, powdered ginger and lemon juice. Drink
distilled water with lemon squeezed in throughout the day; up to 10 or
more glasses a day.

Go to your local health food store for the dandelion tea, lecithin.
Find non-irradiated rosemary, powdered ginger, and garlic powder
there, too.

Try to sit in the sun and expose your face and arms for 15 minutes 3
times a week; if not possible, eat a tablespoon of cod liver oil a
day, either on a salad or mix with lemon juice or cider vinegar to
taste. Get the cod liver oil at your health food store. You can also
order all these items online at www.iherb.com. If you mention HOL667
at check out, you'll get $5.00 off your order.

Try this and let me know how it goes...

As always, do this in coordination with your health care practitioner.


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This article is for information purposes only. For treatment, consult with your health care practitioner SCROLL ON DOWN FOR INFORMATION ON PITUITARY CYSTS

Think positive and you'll be positive!

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