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Breasts - sagging, itching, or rash

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Many women have sagging breasts after childbirth, breastfeeding, or as they age.
Sagging breasts can lead to friction between the bottom of the breast and the skin beneath. Itching, redness, and/or a rash can soon follow.
What can help?
1.  For sagging breasts:
  • Use weights or a powerband.
  • Remember to breathe deeply in and out as you exercise so you don't raise your blood pressure.
  • Stand up with feet under knees.
  • Hold weights or powerband at chest level. handles touching, or nearly touching.
  • Gradually separate hands, keeping them at chest level, until they are fully extended.
  • Hold for several seconds.
  • Return hands to center of chest and repeat.
  • Work up to 20 a day or several weeks.
  • Hold weights or powerband behind upper back and repeat, extending arms until straight out.
  • Keep your spine and head straight.
  • Work up to 20 a day over several weeks.  
2. As your breasts rise, friction reduces and so will rash and itching.
  • To speed the process, gently rub coconut oil into your lower breasts and the skin beneath them after a shower each day.
  • It is very soothing and you will see results the first day, with the rash slowly disappearing.
  • Alternatively, in the heat, Witch Hazel cn be soothing and cooling.
  • Make sure you drink a gallon of distilled water a day to help wash out toxins and keep your skin young and hydrated.
If itching  or rash persists, consider taking burdock root as either a tea or a supplement. Discuss this with your health care practitioner or pharmacist to make sure it does not interact with any medications you are currently taking.

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