Dr. Carolyn Chambers Clark, Award-Winning Author and Wellness Nurse Practitioner

Wellness Healing Group

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Do you want to join a daily wellness/healing group?
This may be helpful if you identify with any of the following:
  • in pain
  • suffering from a chronic condition physical, mental, or a combination
  • want to prevent dis-ease
  • preparing for surgery or recovering from surgery
  • need to heal a physical or mental wound
  • want to help along normal body processes: such as digestion, pregnancy, elimination, menopause, thinking, walking, sleeping or any other body process
  • want to help along a relationship or find a relationship
  • other treatments are not working for you at this time

How effective is this kind of work?

Many people with whom I've worked have benefitted from this practice. Positive energy can affect others and does operate independent of geography or distance.

Is there any research to support this supposition?

A study published in the peer-reviewed journal Social Indicators Research reports on one of the most dramatic sociological experiments ever undertaken. Researchers predicted in advance that the calming influence of group meditation practice could reduce violent crime by over 20 percent in Washington, D.C., during an 8-week period in the summer of 1993.

In fact, the findings later showed that the rate of violent crime--which included assaults, murders, and rapes--decreased by 23 percent during the June 7 to July 30 experimental period. The odds of this result occurring by chance are less than 2 in 1 billion. Rigorous statistical analyses ruled out an extensive list of alternative explanations, according to John Hagelin, lead author of the study and director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

So, research has shown that meditation can affect the health and wellness of others at a distance.

How to join the group:

You don't have to go anywhere. This is a distance wellness/healing group. To become a member, you

  • donate whatever you can every month
  • send me a picture of you (in an email by clicking on the cloud picture above), and a brief description of the issues you want me to focus on, your first name, and your geographic location
  • if you cannot send a picture, then send me a description of you and what you want me to focus on, your first name, and your geographic location

Each morning for a month, I will focus my energies on you and your condition.

To begin the process, click on the DONATE button below and you'll be taken to PayPal.

I realize times are tough, but I will be focusing all my positive energies only on you every morning, so please donate whatever you feel is right.

If you wish to continue for another month, then donate again by coming back and clicking on the Donate button below.

In Peace and Wellness...

Think positive and you'll be positive!

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