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Fungal Infections, including Tinea Versicolor - Wellness and Selfcare Approaches

Here are some ideas for you to eliminate fungal infections including tinea versicolor:
Because it's a yeast infection:
*acidophilus as directed on the label supplies the "friendly bacteria" for your gut that are often missing in people with fungal infections
*kyolic garlic 2 capsules 3 times a day with meals can neutralize fungi and can work better than any topical antifungals available
*drink 3 cups of pau d'arco tea daily
*vitamin A 25,000 IU daily unless pregnant, then no more than 10,000 a day, to aid in healing the skin and for proper immune function
*100-200 micrograms (not milligrams) of selenium + 400 IU of vitamin E in the absence of taking vitamin C
*avoid oral contraceptives and antibiotics
*eat plenty of fresh vegetables and moderate amounts of broiled fish and broiled skinless chicken
*apply honey and crushed garlic, alternately, to the affected areas
*avoid cola drinks, grains, processeds foods and fried, greasy food
*avoid sweets and sugary foods 
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James Balch, MD and Phyllis Bach CNC, Prescription for Nutritional Healing

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