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Anthrax Protection

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A cup of black tea could protect you against anthrax.

A new study by an international team of researchers from Cardiff University and University of Maryland has revealed how the humble cup of tea could well be an antidote to Bacillus anthracis --more commonly know as anthrax.

The widely-available English Breakfast tea has the potential to inhibit the activity of anthrax, as long as it is black tea.

Anthrax - a potentially fatal human disease - is caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis. A very serious and rapidly progressing form of the disease occurs when bacterial spores are inhaled.

The researchers found that special components in tea such as polyphenols have the ability to inhibit the activity of anthrax.

The study provides further evidence of the wide range of beneficial physiological and pharmalogical effects of this common household item.

The research also shows that the addition of whole milk to a standard cup of tea completely inhibited its antibacterial activity against anthrax. (Don't add milk to your tea if you want protection.)

Tea also has an ability to bring solace and steady the mind, so just having a cup (instead of coffee or soda) is a good idea anytime.


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