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Wellness - 10 Laws

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Do you want to get well and stay well (and maybe even help others to be well)? Of course, you do.

Follow these 10 Laws and you'll be well on your way to lifelong wellness!

LAW 1:  Eat and drink well. You are what you put into
LAW 2:  Exercise every day. Use it or lose it.
LAW 3:  Relax and Rest. Quality sleep and serenity will
               help you  build, re-build and energize.
LAW 4:  Evaluate Your Medications and Pills. While the
               right drugs and pills can help you, side effects
               from prescribed and over-the-counter
               medications, vitamins and herbs can harm you.
LAW 5:  Build Positive Relationships. People need people.
               Support from loved ones and colleagues can keep
               you well. 
LAW 6:  Practice forgiveness. Learn how to forgive others
               and yourself. 
LAW 7:  Work together and respect each others'
               differences. If you don't--- anger, prejudice and
               aggression will reduce your wellness.
LAW 8:   Protect your environment. Without a healthy
                environment, you can't be well.
LAW 9:   Live Your Life Purpose. Faith and hope make a
                life purpose possible. Without a purpose,
                depression and apathy reign.
LAW 10: Enjoy! Take at least one moment out of every day to enjoy your blessings and give thanks.


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Think positive and you'll be positive!

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