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Self-Healing and Stress Relief

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Self-massage, affirmations, stimulation of energy, and deep breathing can be combined to enhance self-healing.
According to WHEE: Wholistic Hybrid of EMDR and EFT: A new approach to self-healing and stress relief, an article by Daniel J. Benor, RN, MS, MD in the Winter 2008 issue of Beginnings (pp12-13), the following self-healing exercise can be used for pain (emotional or physical), anxiety and fears/phobias, nausea (pregnancy or due to medications/chemotherapy), cravings, harmonizing the response to medication and reducing side effects, allergies, relationships, and for family members.
1.  Sit or lie in a quiet, restful place.
2. Gradually let your breathing move to your center, your abdomen.
3.  Hold one hand over your heart chakra (in the middle of the body at heart level).
4.  Focus on a feeling or thought you want to change.
5.  Alternate stimulating the right and left side of the body with your free hand.
6.  Recite aloud: "Even though I have _____________ (pain, anxiety, or whatever is bothering you; be specific), I wholly and completely accept and love myself, and know that God/The Universe (whichever you prefer) loves and accepts me completely and unconditionally."
7.  Check your body/mind/spirit and repeat until you are at peace.
According to Dr. Benor, family members or therapists can also act as proxies for others by doing this on themselves as standins for family members or clients.
Note: It is always important to ask for permission prior to serving as a proxy.
Reprinted with permission from Dr. Benor 2/1/08.
For more information on Dr. Benor's work, go to  www.WholisticHealingResearch.com/WHEEarticles

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Use the above exercise wherever you want to heal and relax yourself.

Think positive and you'll be positive!

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