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Books for NURSES

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I set up this page of books for nurses because you might find something helpful in my books.
The first book in this page of books for nurses is Classroom Skills for Nurse Educators.
Books for Nurses:
Classroom Skills for Nurse Educators
Assist new and seasoned nurse educators in creatively applying learning theory in the classroom. Provides teaching strategies and skills and dynamically illustrates interactive simulations and approaches to involve learners in active independent learning.

Each chapter includes...
* instructional goals and key terms
*examples of how to use various teaching techniques
* learning assessments and challenges
* in class exercises and simulations for both the beginner and
   advanced learner
*  sidebars of important teaching points and evaluation methods

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Other books of interest...
Now in its 4th edition, Group Leadership Skills. Helps nurses learn how to lead every kind of client group and classroom group. Click on the book cover formore information.
Students working in the community? This book gives you all the information they'll need, but from a wellness perspective. Click on the book cover for more information.
Students need to be more assertive, be better care providers or managers? Holistic Assertive Skills for Nurses can help...Click on the book for more information.

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