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How's your skin doing? Is your skin healthy, beautiful, sparkling, toned a sight to behold?
Your skin is your third kidney, so if you're eating junk foods, fried food, food that has been grown with pesticides, don't drink enough water, don't massage or exercise, you may not be eliminating toxins well. This can lead to skin problems and lack of skin health.
Besides exercising more, drinking more well-filtered or distilled water, and eating more fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables...here's another idea for you to give you healthy skin...

Brewer's yeast is nutritional yeast, as opposed to the yeast in breads. It is high in B-vitamins so is good for the mood and boosts energy between meals, and also contains many amino acids and at least 14 different minerals to nourish you, including your skin.


Brewer's yeast is good for eczema, probably because of the vitamins and minerals it contains.


You take a tablespoon or so in juice (tomato juice) is good or water. It has a strong taste, so water may not be for you. You can put it in soups, too, and take it that way.


If you are prone to yeast infections, this is not for you. Get your vitamins and minerals from other sources.


Because brewer's yeast contains significant amounts of phosphorous (as do sodas) which can deplete your calcium and make you lose bone mass, you'll need to take extra calcium to keep your bones in balance.


You can find Brewer's yeast at your local health food store or Google online.

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