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Helping Your Child Succeed in School E-Book

Carolyn Chambers Clark, wellness educator
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Relationships: Helping Your Child Succeed in School
Do you want to learn ways of helping your child succeed in school?
This handy Helping Your Child Succeed in School e-book teaches you how you can better your relationship with your child. It reaches you...
* Where children learn
* What children learn from you
*  How children learn 
*  What messages to send children
*  Helping Your Child Succeed in School provides  
    activities to teach ...
    ...Language Skills
    ...Listening Skills
    ...Increasing Attention Span
    ...Meaning of Time
    ...Concept of Change
    ...Cause and effect
    ...Getting Organized
    ...Choosing a Study Area
    ...Making Good Decisions
    ...Being on Time
    ...Doing Homework
    ...Taking part in community activities
    ...Doing Chores
    ...Using TV to Learn
    ...Working with Teachers
    ...and more!
If you want to improve your relationship with your child and help him or her succeed in school, order Helping Your Child Succeed in School. Just click on the BUY NOW button below. You will receive your e-book in your e-mail inbox within 48 hours. As a gift for your purchase, if you act now, you will also receive a free e-book of your choice from the more than 30 available e-books, many that can help you enhance your relationship with your child---a $9.99 value!

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